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What kind of school do you want for YOUR child? Post-Katrina New Orleans offers a dizzying array of schooling options, and it is difficult for parents to know the difference among the schools.
Web sites, flyers, neutral ground signs, and other advertising provide some clues, but the best way—maybe the only way –to know what school is best for your child is to visit. Look and listen to the leader of the school, take a tour, look inside classrooms, meet some of the teachers and others who work there.
So, we strongly encourage you to come visit us. This Web site will offer some hints, just like getting a sniff of a good gumbo on the stove. A visit will fill you up with the full flavor that is Lafayette Academy Charter School. Here is some of what you will see:
  1. A leadership team of all New Orleans natives with well over 100 years experience in teaching and school leadership. We know New Orleans, and we know our students.
  2. A staff comprised of a healthy mix of New Orleans public school veterans and newcomers to the city. All of us are, as our motto says, “Dedicated to Children, Committed to Excellence.”
  3. A great student-teacher ratio.
  4. Not just a safe environment, but an especially caring one.
  5. A school that is focused on student achievement. Our entire program is targeted to expand and deepen our student’s knowledge of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum—state standards.
  6. A school that goes beyond the basics with art, music, physical education, Spanish for every child.
  7. An abundance of support programs. We have strong programs for students with special needs, for social work, and for volunteers to contribute to our students’ growth.
  8. Extra-curriculars like sports and arts programs.
So, we invite you to come visit to experience the Lafayette difference. Your child is important to you: we understand that. Please know that your child is important to us, too, and we will do all that we can to work with you to raise a healthy child who is a successful student, too. Our intent is to provide profoundly different opportunities for your child. Won’t you take the next step and come measure us for yourself?
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Board Meeting
Date: Sep. 24
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Esperanza

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Student Spotlight